The full story about my passion and adventure

The Mark Philip series are created on the base of a modern lifestyle where beauty needs to be simple!

”As a professional dancer with long rehearsal days, performances and tours, I put my skin through a lotOver the years, I have used numerous different skin care products, but never managed to find exactly what I was looking for. This encouraged me to go on a personal journey to find the best natural ingredients to improve my skin.”

At Mark Philip we want to minimize the number of beauty products you need, by maximizing the use and effect of every single one. Because we believe that taking good care of yourself should be as easy as possible.

”After speaking to various well-known scientists and experts, I began creating my own oil serum in my kitchen at home. Oils have long been known for their amazing healing, nurturing and hydrating properties. Each one has different yet valuable qualities, which is why when creating my products I wanted to find the perfect complex of nature's oils. After numerous experiments, I arrived at the perfect combination that gave my skin the treat I had been looking for.”

All Mark Philip products excusively contains natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven to hydrate and nurture skin, and of corse the contains NO synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, or preservatives. Based on our core philosophy that natural beauty calls for natural ingredients.

”My new found interest in skincare soon became a point of interest among my friends and family who wanted to try my products. I decided to make 100 samples to hand out to them. When they soon returned asking for more, I realized that I had created something extraordinary, and Mark Philip was born. Today I am excited to be able to share my beauty products with you.” 

At Mark Philip we belive that skin deserves to be treated with the best that nature has to offer. Every day.  

Mark Philip