Stephanie Nguyen

I admire this young beautiful talented Stephanie Nguyen.
I met her at the house of "Skuespillerforbundet". She is preparing herself
for a stay of 3 months in Los Angels were she will be taking acting classes at
Ivana Cubbuck Studio and with Brad Greenquist.

The Lip Balm Care is formulated with some of the finest
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 Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Sheabutter, Sandalwood and Vitamin E.

We are now ready for the fall.
Mark Philip Lip Balm Care - Fall Release 29. oktober.  

"I have tried all of them. Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream, Kiehls, Labello…
Some of them are okay but after a week my lips gets dry again.
Honestly ! Now with Mark Philip's Lip Balm Care for
3 months my lips are soft and looks natural.
That is all I need. It's my new farvorite."

- Stephanie Nguyen.