Jennifer Wagstaffe

Some of you may know that I also work as a dancer.
This summer I was working at the Pantomime Theater in Tivoli, Copenhagen.

It's a pleasure being around Pantomime Theater's own Jennifer Wagstaffe everyday.
She is always smiling and truly dedicated to her dance.
Observing her taking care of her instrument is a great inspiration.

Jennifer Wagstaffe has been using my products for a year now
and was the very first with the Booster Serum.

"As a dancer at the Pantomime Theater I do two shows a day from April to September,
often with a change of costume and make-up, which can mean washing
my face three or four times a day.

I had tried dozens of different products to fix my dry,
sensitive skin before Mark Philip's moisturizer was recommended to me.
It has transformed my skin; it provides all the moisture I need after a long day’s work
and is so light that it makes a great make-up base.

I've always been a bit dubious about serums, but after using Mark Philip's Booster Serum
I'm a total convert. It visibly brightens your complexion and, because it is made
from all natural ingredients, it doesn't cause any irritation. It also smells amazing!"

- Jennifer Wagstaffe