Bettina Marie Ezaki

Bringing grace and natural elegance to music, we are over and above crushing on the beautiful violinist Bettina Marie Ezaki.

At just 6 years old, little Miss Ezaki was already plucking at her very first violin strings, and she has since been intrigued by the raw sound you can produce on a well-tuned violin. This passion and interest  for the violin carried her through a masters degree at The Royal Danish Academy of Music, being tutored by the prominent teacher and violinist Alexandre Zapolski.

Her mother saw this passion for music in Bettina, and believed in her talent so much that she invested their entire family's savings on a beautiful antique French violin that was over 200 years old, that she hoped would bring out the best in Bettina's talent. 

Bettina is strong and powerful musician, not only as the co-founder of classical music platform, Kammerklubben, but also as a part of the well known string quartet, Halvcirkel. 

Besides working with various traditional classical orchestras in Denmark, Bettina likes to cross genres, working with bands such as “IRAH”, “Frisk Frugt” and “Pede B”. She also enjoys collaborating with dancers, and has accompanied dancer/choreographer Alessandro Sousa Pereira’s in his piece “World Wide”.

She plays straight from the heart, managing to be passionate and impulsive, as well as intimate and charming too. You can not help but smile when her music reaches your ears. 

Bettina brings new intensity, phrasing and emotion to the music she plays. It is very inspiring to see an artist pursue technical perfection, making a colorful freelance career living from their passion.

Photos by our amazing photographer Bahadir Badi Berber.