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Selene Muñoz

We have a ridiculously huge crush on the beautiful and seductive Selene Muñoz in her alluring red dress.

Selene was born in Palma, Mallorca in 1988, and from very early on in life had a natural instinct and flair for flamenco dance.

She may look cute and girly at first glance but she has the ability to transform into a strong, sensual woman in the blink of an eye. Her intense delivery and deep passion for traditional flamenco dance makes each of her performances a thrilling, impressive and satisfyingly experience.

Selene is incredibly expressive, capturing her audiences with emotions such as joy, sadness and passion, that so clearly show her fiery Spanish heritage and upbringing.

There are many others that have shown their love for the sensual Selene, with invitations to perform for The Danish Royal Family, at the Guggenheim Museum in NY and with Alexander Kølpin’s Sommerballet at Bellevue.

Selene awakens the senses and we admire and honour her for her natural sensuality and ability to inspire both men and women to find their inner passion for life and to embrace it.

Photos by Bahadir Badi Berber 

Written by Mark Philip — January 31, 2016