Simon Stenspil


Right now Simon Stenspil is doing "Hair" at Østre Gasværk in Copenhagen.
I´m so flattered of this man using my products. I got to meet him just before the premiere...
Yay ! What a stunning performance, it´s really worth watching.


"I work as an actor and exposes my skin for a lot stress and during performances 
I have to wear makeup. I've tried a variety of different products and I have struggled 
with dry skin and annoyance from the makeup which now disappeared after taking care 
of my skin and using Mark Philip Products. It´s truly pure and natural. 
It keeps me and my skin uplifted everyday.

And how often is it that one's mother steals and uses your cream, 
and then ask 
where I got my products from?! .... "
- Simon Stenspil