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Drissnation Studios is located at Islandsbrygge in Copenhagen. I came by to see the incredible Lawand Shakur Ortmann also know as Turkman Souljah. The very humble and genius man has produced music for some of the biggest names in danish music such as
Outlandish , Xander , Ankerstjerne , Drissnation and the list goes on.
Today he was working on his new solo album "Chromantique" it comes out in spring 2013.
" I find that my skin gets irritated and annoyed after I had a bath. Also because of the humidity and my busy life. The Facial Moisturizer has a consistency that fits well with my skin. It feels gentle and I feel that my skin is confident. It smells fabulous.    
There has been unprecedented attention to the details.   
Now I want to treat myself. " 

- Lawand Shakur Ortman

Written by Mark Philip — August 26, 2012