Mark Philip Beauty

Dear Friends,

As many of you now know, alongside creating  , I’m also a professional dancer.

This wednesday was a very special day for me. I received a prestigious bursary for my dance performance for Uppercut Dance Theater's performance '360° - The Blackest White Lie’.

This picture was taken straight after the reception, on the balcony of NJORD Law Firm, with a beautiful view over Copenhagen. I am pictured together with the stunning Ida Praetorius and her handsome brother Tobias Praetorius, who are ballet dancers with The Royal Danish Theater, and also received the bursary. They are both truly amazing as dancers as well as people.

A big thank you to the jury of the Balletmester Albert Gaubiers & Poul Waldorffs Fond.

This bursary means the world to me and makes me want to work even harder to become the best dancer that I can be.

Have a fantastic day.

Hugs, Mark :-)

Written by Mark Philip — October 23, 2015