With Organic Coconut & Vitamin A C E

This supercharged concentration is formulated exclusively for the skin around the eyes.
Unique for daily use with high concentrations of nourishing vitamins.


Key Ingredients Benefits
Organic Cocos Nucifera
High of beneficial fatty acids. Penetrates to the deeper layer of your skin
and strengthen the underlying tissues. Detoxify and making the skin smooth and soft.

Organic Jojoba
Amazing qualities of managing the skin. Provides natural sun protection.
Instanly nourishes, heals and encourages radiant skin.

Organic Argan
Maintains the moisture of the skin and restores your skin.
Improves your skins elastic and supple.

Organic Pomegranate
Wonderful anti-aging worker and ability to encourage radiant skin.
Stimulates collagen production, promotes firming skin
and smoothes facial lines making your skin toned.

Organic Linseed Seed
Nourishes skin with tremendous essential fatty acids.
Stimulates smooth fine lines and tighten the skin.

Vitamin C
Miraculously antioxidant that firms the skin and soothes out lines and wrinkles.
Increases skin circulation, elasticity and improves the appearance and texture of your skin.

Vitamin E
The powerful antioxidant that keeps your skin texture supple and refined.
Stumulates skins’s natural repair function and protecting against environmental aggressors.

Vitamin A
Stimulates production collagen. Cell renewal and increase skin elasticity.
Improves hydration, leaving your skin soft and toned.

Organic Ficus Carica
Rich nourishing exfoliate and soothing benefits. High in vitamins and minerals,
boosts collagen production while toning and regenerating the skin.