Benefits of LIP BALM CARE

With Organic Olive & Sandalwood

A smooth, honest balm for your lips.


Key Ingredients Benefits

Organic Olive
Plumps, moisturizes and maintaining a youthful appearance.
A natural vitamin E - rich beauty powerhouse keeps your skin feeling supple and calm.

Organic Shea butter
Enhances cell regeneration and stimulate collagen production.
Moisturizes with its extremely high vitamins, leaving your skin balanced, toned and elastic.

Organic Castor
Highly effective minerals, vitamins and fatty acids improves healthy skin.
Soothes and moisturizes the skin to keep it supple.

Vitamin E
The powerful antioxidant that keeps your skin texture supple and refined.
Stimulates skins’s natural repair function and protecting against environmental aggressors.

Excellent anti-inflammatory agent, improves skin circulation
and softens your skin by moisturizing.