Ida Praetorius

The Royal Danish Ballet is the world’s third oldest ballet company.
Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, it originates from 1748, and in 1771 the company established
the Royal Danish Ballet School which is, as well, among the oldest of its kind.
The Royal Danish Ballet’s own pure and prestigious Ida Praetorius is a breathtaking talent.
I enjoyed the day at Bernstorff Slot with Ida dancing
The Royal Danish Ballet’s “Sommer Ballet”

We have all seen Ida Praetorius dance her part as Eleven “Enetime”,
Julie “Romeo og Julie” and Eleonora “Kermessen i Brügge”.

She has also received the Reumert Talent Prize 2012, the Erik Bruhn Award
for Best Female Dancer in Toronto 2012 and latest the Queen Ingrid Honorary Grant 2013.

Ida Praetorius - A star in the making.

“As a professional ballet dancer, I do many shows during a normal week.
When I’m on stage I usually wear a lot of heavy stage make-up.
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It’s pure and natural, and then I love the pump function, it’s nice and easy to use.

  LIP BALM CARE has a permanent spot in my purse.
It’s a small nice product that I use all the time. It keeps my lips hydrated and it smells good.
The consistency is great, which makes it easy to put on with a finger.
I really like the look of the product too
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- Ida Praetorius