Hadi Ka-Koush

It is my pleasure to introduce Hadi Ka-Koush,
a talented actor and member of the innovative Danish band, Lagix.

The always loving Hadi Ka-Koush is currently rehearsing for
"THE FALLING MAN" at Københavns Musikteater.

I came by the theater in his pause and I was so satisfying
to hear him express his thoughts about what
the Booster Serum and Facial moisturizer does to his skin.

Premiere of  "THE FALLING MAN"  14th February.

"I'm really amazed that one man with a passion
for skincare can make these unbelievable products.

I’ve always struggled with dry skin. All the high-end products I've tried are fine
the first hour or so, but with Mark Philip Booster Serum and Facial Moisturizer
my skin is naturally moist the entire day without looking oily.

The Booster Serums Argan feels amazingly pure and organic
so I'm without a doubt sticking to Mark Philip Products.
If you show it to your girlfriend you have to be prepared to share."

- Hadi Ka-Koush